Camaros on the Bridge Registration

Please make sure to read all of the Event Rules on the COTB FAQs page before completing your registration for this event.

​To register, email a good quality, daytime picture of your Camaro (preferably with no people in it) to and complete the Registration Form below. You will also need to send your Registration Fee by going to Each Camaro owner must submit a separate Registration Form, Fee and photo. The deadline to register is Friday, January 10, 2020 at 11:59pm (Pacific). You will receive a Confirmation email only after we’ve received all information, car photo and fees from you. All times are Mountain unless specifically noted.

All fields in the form below are required. If you aren't sure what to put in a field or it does not apply to you, enter 0 or n/a. After you click "Submit" below, you will need to go to, login and enter the amount you owe to make your payment. Make sure to send as “money to a friend”; if you do not send it this way, PayPal will sometime place a 3 week hold on your payment. We will not be able to send you a confirmation until your payment has cleared. Your registration will be date/time stamped, so you will be given a confirmation number in the order in which your full registration packet has been received.​

Camaros on the Bridge